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Lissa & Christian

I loved this winter wedding so much! Lissa looked like a snow queen. Their wedding gave the most amazing festive Christmas vibes. All of their decorations were perfect and the hot chocolate was sooo good. Their vows were so special and sweet! Also their puppy going down the aisle was my favorite! Have you ever seen a bride rock red lipstick this amazingly?

Nathalie & Nicholas

What a special day! Nathalie & Nick are the sweetest couple. Nick has the funniest laugh and Nathalie has the best dimples! It was so fun to see how much they smiled and laughed while in each other’s presence. They had such cute decorations like a place to put locks and keys where everyone would write a piece of advice for them which I absolutely loved! They had some of the kindest speeches I’ve heard so far. They just made you smile seeing how much their friends cared for them! 

Brooke & Shawn

What an amazing wedding day! It was a full circle moment since Brooke and I were childhood friends and then I got to film her wedding. They wrote the sweetest letters to each other so they could read them before their ceremony. They are such a gorgeous couple and their love was amazing to watch. Make sure you watch til the end because the after party was amazing and I love Brooke’s sister hyping the party up!

Jessilynn & Cody

This couple was absolutely beautiful to witness. You could tell they were soulmates. As a gift before the wedding, Cody gave Jessilynn a music box that played the song she would walk down the aisle to. Their vows were so sweet and personalized they had everyone crying. Jessilynn had a magnificent veil that was gifted to her by her grandmother. Jessilynn also did all of the decor and made it so personalized. The tables were named after brands of cereal because they met in the cereal aisle. 

Christy & Tom

What a fun couple! Their reception had every person on the dance floor and I mean every person. The energy was so much fun. They had a beautiful first look earlier in the day that had both of them in tears. Christy looked absolutely stunning. Turf Valley is such a beautiful venue. Their couples portraits looked dreamy. Tom and Christy danced their butts off at the end of the night. Along with several hilarious speeches from their loved ones. 

Erica & Aaron

What kind people! Erica & Aaron are the nicest and most kind people you will ever meet. They immediately make you feel like a friend. You could see this from how much everyone in their wedding absolutely adored them! I learned a bunch of new Taylor Swift songs after this wedding thanks to Erica being her number one fan. You can tell from Aaron's reaction to her walking down the aisle how much love they have for each other. I am so happy I was able to capture their love this day!


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