Taran Films

Wedding Videographer

Capturing the moments you missed and
the ones you want to relive.

Hey there! Nice to meet you I'm Taran!!!

 I am based in Sykesville, Maryland but I love to travel! I have been passionate about capturing memories through videos since I was a kid. Being able to look back at these memories was my way of writing in my journal. I'm able to transport myself back to that time and place just by rewatching. I think this is a beautiful thing and I want to capture that for you and your loved ones.

Wedding Videography

I absolutely love this job because I get to create real life romantic movies for a living. I am there to capture moments you might have missed, epic dance parties, and your love in a film. I bring to life everything that was your wedding day in a video that you can share with loved ones and watch whenever you want to transport yourself back to your wedding day.

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