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Taran Films

Photographer & Videographer

Capturing the moments you missed and
the ones you want to relive.

Hey there! Nice to meet you I'm Taran!!!

 I am based in Sykesville, Maryland but I love to travel! I have been passionate about capturing memories through photos and videos since I was a kid. Being able to look back at these memories was my way of writing in my journal. I'm able to transport myself back to that time and place just by rewatching. I think this is a beautiful thing and I want to capture that for you and your loved ones.

What do you specialize in?

Wedding Videography

I absolutely love this job because I get to create real life romantic movies for a living. I am there to capture moments you might have missed, epic dance parties, and your love in a film. I bring to life everything that was your wedding day in a video that you can share with loved ones and watch whenever you want to transport yourself back to your wedding day.

I want to watch more of your films!

What kind of packages do you offer?

How do I contact you?


Family Photography

Family photography is so special to me because I know these are photos your family will look back on forever. I want to capture all the giggles, piggyback rides, and races. Your children will never be this young again! It's important to capture this because it is something you will never regret. 


Couples Photography

Whether you're engaged or just in love I'm here for it all. If you want some adorable pics of you and your person then you came to the right place! I want to capture your laughter and love in photos that you can look at and smile. 

Portrait Photography

I am going to be your personal hype woman the entire session. I want you to feel confident and amazing when we work together. Let's get some gorgeous pictures for seniors, college grads, and just about anyone that wants some awesome pics of themselves!


Maternity Photography

I'm here to capture future mamas and make them feel confident and beautiful. Motherhood is so amazing and I can't wait to take pics with you and your cute bump!

I'm ready to book!!!

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What are the prices?

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